Thursday, 28 November 2013

New art! It looks so much better now!

You know, its been over a month and, it hasn't been until this point that I look back and realize that I've made much more progress than I originally thought since my last blog update...  otherwise, I would've shown stuff sooner.

It's getting late so I won't go and fetch screenshots of all the things I'm going to list here but I'll make sure that I'll showcase some of these elements in future updates.

Basically, what I did for the past month is I took apart the algorithm that generated the various shapes of the terrain, re-wrote some of the code, implemented the new art assets, implemented lighting and atmosphere variety.  The reasoning behind removing the shape generating algorithm was primarily because I wanted to re-write the logic in a different way and I also wanted to focus on replacing all of the old art... which required a lot of debugging.

Everything is coming together really nicely.  The different sets of lighting really gives my environments a mood and the new art makes it look more organic.  This was very time consuming but it was worth it.