Friday, 13 September 2013

Rewrite #3

I practically rewrote the entire thing from scratch again.  This is, what?  The third time now?  It's all good, though.  As I'm seeing the dungeon generator at work, it gives me new ideas on behaviours/algorithms, not to mention it allows me to organize and clean up the code tremendously.

The way the code generates the shape of the room(s) is much more isolated which allows for greater flexibility without messing up the rest.  I'm also applying this to the hallways that are connecting the rooms and its surprising to see how much more interesting it makes the overall experience.  Without this iterative process, I'd still be generating very basic square rooms; it looks much more organic now (relatively speaking, of course).

Another thing I looked into was the lighting.  I changed some parameter that was causing the light to not do a proper falloff on the walls and ceiling.  Made it all look like Playstation 1 era graphics.

There's no point in showing screenshots yet as the end result looks practically identical since last time I posted.

So what's on my ToDo list now?

  • Adding another algorithm to generate a room with a completely different shape.
  • See if I can't generate a dungeon that could go downwards or have rooms that have multiple floors.
I'm trying to think about other things I'd want to put in but I think, at this point, once I'm done with my ToDo list I'll just add more art assets to make everything feel more organic.

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